June 04, 2011

[update] ISIS Proteus Simulator 7.6 SP4

Here's I give you the newer version of ISIS Proteus Simulator, a powerful tool for learning about electronics circuit (the previous version of Proteus Simulator that I share on this blog is version 7.1). Here's the screenshot:

It looks much better and it has an attractive UI, and of course supported also by libraries that are richer than ever. You can see it in the component mode and then pick the device, seen many new components that do not exist in version 7.1. Hope You like it. Have fun :-)

For direct and easily download, this file is partitioned into several sections. You can merge the files of this partition using HJSplit software.

Download Proteus Simulator 7.6 SP4 (total file size is 68 MB)

Note: for Windows Vista and Windows 7 you must run it as an administrator by right click on the file and select "run as an administrator".

if You have never known what it was Proteus Simulator, here's the introduction ;-)

What is Proteus Simulator?

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