May 31, 2011

555 Timer Chip

          The 555 timer chip is probably the most versatile non-programmable part I have ever seen. Over the past 40 years, many people have created at least hundreds probably thousands of applications that have used this chip in ways I’m sure the original designer never would have thought possible; the original function of the chip was to provide a regular train of pulses. In this section, I will show how the chip is used in a circuit, along with some of the tricks that can be performed with it.

The 555 is usually built into an eight pin ‘‘dual in-line package’’ that is commonly used for chips. In Figure above, I have put in an ‘‘overhead’’ view of the 555, along with a photograph of an actual 555 chip.
          Looking at the labels for each of the pins, most of them do not make a lot of sense. What should jump out at you is the ‘‘Gnd’’ (ground) at Pin 1 and the ‘‘Vcc’’ (positive power) at Pin 8. These two pins are used to provide power for the part; they match the power pins I’ve presented elsewhere for digital devices elsewhere in the book.
          To try and get a better understanding of a chip, I'll discussed with detail explanation about this topic later, wait for my next posting..

to be continued..


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